Why Us?

We offer the best privacy you can get from Bitcoin mixer.
Step 1 - deposit

You click on Start mixing and receive input address. You deposit 0.1 BTC on received address.

You wait for one confirmation.

Step 2 - mixing

Your 0.1 BTC is exchanged for chips: 0.064 + 0.032 + 0.004.

You click on split button for 0.064 chip exchanging it for two 0.032 chips.

You split 0.004 chip into two 0.002. You click donate on smallest chip. Thank you!

Now you have 3 * 0.032 + 0.002.

You click withdraw all.

Step 3 - withdraw

You see list of four private keys. Each marked with its size (three 0.032 and one 0.002) and public key. There is no on-chain connection between them and funds you deposited.

You import them into your wallet Electrum wallet and they are ready to be spent.

Total mixing time: 1 blockchain confirmation

Total cost: 0.002 donation

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